When it comes to keeping aviation fuel safe, you can’t take any chances.

The aviation industry provides one of the most challenging environments for fuel storage, and lives depend on ensuring fuel is stored and distributed in line with Australian standards, CASA requirements and industry best practice.

Whether you’re a private operator using remote refuelling stations or a busy regional airport, Nqpetro’s experienced technicians can design and maintain aviation fuel storage and distribution solutions that will keep your aircraft and your people safe.

Nqpetro can supply and install tanks built to your needs that incorporate a 100% stainless steel inner tank. All fittings are also made of stainless steel.

Aviation Refuelling Installations

With environmental regulations growing ever stricter and many older underground steel tanks in danger of failing after decades in use, the experts at NQ Petro will guide you through the underground tank installation process from start to finish. We’ll ensure your tank and pipe systems comply with all local environmental regulations and Australian Standards.

Getting your tank installation right from the start means saving you from problems like environmental contamination, fuel spoilage and corrosion due to excessive water in your fuel, causing potentially serious damage to equipment. Leaks in your tank or lines down the track, or faulty seals or joins can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix, not to mention the costs of environmental remediation and possible penalties.

That’s why NQ Petro uses professionals with experience who know what’s at stake and ensure full compliance and a seamlessly professional job. Our technicians have seen every possible installation problem and know how to solve it proactively.

Fuel Contamination: Why is Proper Aviation Fuel Storage Critical?

Fuel contamination issues have grounded thousands of aircraft across Australia in the past, and not only present a severe safety risk – with particulates clogging carburettors and engine components – but can be extremely costly to remedy.

Ageing underground fuel tanks at some refuelling facilities are a growing concern, and mean fuel quality and tank integrity need to be checked regularly. Damaged tanks and ageing fuel lines can also pose significant safety risks, releasing highly combustible vapours, and environmental risk, with all the associated remediation and decontamination costs.

Nqpetro offers a complete testing, decommissioning and removal service for old underground storage tanks and fuel distribution systems.

Our team can stabilise and remove old tanks and replace them with new underground or above-ground storage tanks that meet and exceed Australian safety regulations, matched with the fuel distribution and management systems that keep your aviation fuel in top condition.

What Should I Look for in an Aviation Fuel Fank?

Rust is extremely dangerous in aviation fuel tanks, because of its potential to cause particulate contamination and as a sign of potential water contamination. Aviation regulations state that any part of a tank that could come into contact with your aviation fuel must be stainless steel so that there is no danger of rust or have a special painted epoxy lining.

Nqpetro can supply and install tanks built to your needs that incorporate a 100% stainless steel inner tank. All fittings are also made of stainless steel. Our self-bunded above-ground tanks are a particularly popular solution for regional air strips and fuel farms – the built-in bund avoids the environmental issues associated with underground tanks, and the tanks are designed to be easily transported to different sites as your needs change.

Aviation Refuelling Maintenance and On-Site Refuelling Options

Nqpetro also provides a complete maintenance service for aviation refuelling facilities, carrying out scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance according to industry best practice to give you peace of mind.

Our fully transportable self-bunded fuel tanks, matched with the fastest and most efficient transfer system for your needs, are an ideal option if you need a short-term refuelling solution or need to accommodate changing needs over a large geographic area.