Nqpetro specialises in total site installation, service and maintenance solutions for the transport industry.

Whether it’s designing and building refuelling depots, replacing old underground fuel tanks with the latest modern and compliant alternatives, installing and maintaining unmanned refuelling networks or keeping your vehicles compliant on road or rail, our experts will get the job done and help you keep your vehicles working with minimum downtime.

We supply and service turnkey solutions and 24-hour maintenance support for unmanned refuelling station networks, keeping your fleet on the road around the clock, no matter how remote the location.

Road Transport Fuel Storage Solutions to Keep You Competitive

Road transport is a highly competitive industry, and fuel is a major cost. The average big rig costs $200,000 a year to run, and two thirds of that is vehicle costs. Poorly managed diesel fuel is responsible for about 80 per cent of engine failures in the transport industry – and in a time critical environment, those failures can cost your business much more than the cost of engine repairs.

Storing your fuel in ageing and damaged tanks can lead to water leaks and fuel degradation, costing you money in lost fuel as well as in maintenance bills. Water build-up in stored fuel can increase microbial growth and lead to problems with your fleet including clogged filters, poor and inefficient vehicle performance and tank corrosion.

Nqpetro has the products and expertise to help you monitor fuel quality and keep your fuel fresh – minimising damage and emissions and maximising performance. We also offer a complete fuel tanker maintenance service.

Rail Transport Solutions

When you’re refuelling diesel locomotives, having the right equipment can make all the difference to keeping your service time and cost efficient.

Knowing you can transfer bulk fuel quickly and efficiently with quality fuel you can rely on means fewer breakdowns, reduced downtime and increased accountability to keep track of your diesel.

The cost of keeping one diesel locomotive idle is about $1700 an hour, so ensuring your pumps, pipes and couplings are the best available to do the job as quickly as possible can potentially save you a six figure sum each year.

Nqpetro supplies and maintains fuel storage and distribution systems that will help you minimise refuelling time and keep your fuel and your vehicles safe, compliant and reliable.

Refuelling Depots, Tank Farms and Unmanned Refuelling Networks

In a country as vast as Australia, we know you sometimes need refuelling solutions that are out of the ordinary. That’s why the team at Nqpetro can provide solutions from underground fuel storage tanks to Grande self-bunded on-ground tanks that are fully transportable for maximum flexibility as your needs change. Our tanks and fuel distribution systems are fully environmentally-compliant, easy to maintain and ideal for transport depots.

We supply and service turnkey solutions and 24-hour maintenance support for unmanned refuelling station networks, keeping your fleet on the road around the clock, no matter how remote the location.

Our solutions for the transport industry include:

  • Underground fuel storage tank decommissioning
  • A full range of underground fuel storage tanks
  • A complete range of approved self-containment on-ground storage tanks and mobile tanker trailers
  • EPA-certified tank and fuel management services
  • A comprehensive range of industrial and commercial dispensing equipment and systems
  • Approved and industry-recognised compliance auditing
  • Fuel tank hire and relocatable pump station hire

Environmental Compliance and Fuel Security – Keeping Fuel Contained

Keeping your fuel safely contained and monitoring fuel levels and losses can save your transport business tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year – not to mention the cost of clean-up and fines if you have a spill.

With environmental regulations increasing every year, Nqpetro will give you the right advice to ensure your fuel storage tanks and fuel distribution systems are fully compliant with Australian environmental and safety standards.

Not only that, our expert technicians can help you find the best fuel management system for your business, so you can keep track of your fuel from buy to burn, remotely monitor tank levels and fuel use and catch any vehicle maintenance issues early, before you experience a critical failure.