Sick of dealing with a multiple contractors to get things fixed? Nqpetro provides a single comprehensive facilities management solution for fuel businesses across Australia, including major retail sites.

Fuel facilities and regulatory compliance

Our nationwide team of expert technicians means we have the human resources and industry expertise, as well as the technology and the quality products, to offer a complete facilities management service that will keep all aspects of your operation running smoothly, safely and in full compliance with all relevant regulations and industry best practice.

Fuel Facilities and Regulatory Compliance – no need for multiple contractors, we can do it all

At Nqpetro, we know that while fuel might be the lifeblood of your business, it may not be your core business.

That’s why our facilities management service offers a complete solution that lets us handle changing and complex compliance issues and regular maintenance while you keep doing what you do best.

Our facilities management team can handle all aspects of building maintenance and upgrades, whether it be air-conditioning, roof replacements, pavement upgrades, asphalt repairs, installing cold rooms or any other on-site work.

When you need help at your retail site that means there’s only one call you need to make – to the team at Nqpetro.

Effective maintenance can save your business big money by preventing fuel loss, which is particularly important if you need to keep track of fuel use for claiming fuel tax credits.

More Than Just A Maintenance Service – let us undertake your build

Nqpetro is compliant with the QBCC in Queensland as well as WA and NT building authorities. This means we are licensed to not only carry out maintenance work, but also to build from new as the principle builder, which we have done for many major clients.

Using nqpetro’s facilities management service for your build means you don’t need to employ multiple contractors to meet your business and regulatory obligations. Our technicians and skilled personnel will provide all the advice and service you need to keep your fuel storage and transfer infrastructure safe, compliant and maintained, and your operation running efficiently and cost-effectively so you can realise your strategic business objectives. What’s more, we’ll be there to provide ongoing support and will provide a one-stop contact point to co-ordinate all your maintenance services.

Auditing and Preventative Maintenance

Our facilities management team are experts in all aspects of facilities maintenance and are fully trained and accredited to undertake all maintenance work at petroleum retail sites. This means when you call us to repair or maintain any on-site equipment, from dealing with structural issues to time-critical problems like refrigeration, you know the technician who arrives knows how to work safely around fuel and will keep you, your customers and your business safe and compliant.

On the fuel side, Nqpetro’s technicians are industry certified and qualified to undertake annual site and asset surveys and regular fuel quality sampling in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our preventative maintenance programs include rigorous testing, calibration and tank and line maintenance in accordance with industry best practice. Effective maintenance can save your business big money by preventing fuel loss, which is particularly important if you need to keep track of fuel use for claiming fuel tax credits.

Ensuring your systems are leak-free and keeping your tanks, pumps and lines well maintained not only means a safe operation, but also prevents costly spills and the associated clean-up and remediation works.

Our services include:

  • All aspects of facilities maintenance, including retail and forecourt areas
  • Emergency and preventative maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems
  • Tank inspections, repair and replacement
  • Design, maintain and install bulk fuel facilities
  • Pipeline maintenance and repairs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Complete asset management
  • Fuel management systems designed for your needs
  • Calibration services
  • Preparation of operational procedures for fuel facilities
  • Environmental advice and regulatory updates

24 Hour Emergency Response

While our preventative maintenance services minimise the risk of failure, our national regional network of technicians means if there is a problem, you can call us 24/7 and we’ll be on hand to fix it quickly, minimising downtime for your business.

We offer emergency maintenance, replacements and repairs from technicians who know your equipment and have the years of experience needed and the familiarity with your business to quickly find the problem and solve it.

At Nqpetro, we provide responsible management services with a focus on enhancing health and safety, minimising environmental impact and ensuring fuel security and effective management practices.

When you have nqpetro on the job, you don’t need to worry.

Contact our experienced, friendly team to find out more about our fuel facilities management services.