Fuel Bowsers and Fuel Hoses are on the front line of fuel delivery. Tough working environments, wear and tear all add to system failures. Ongoing maintenance and calibrations, ensure your fuel systems operate efficiently, effectively and safely.

Fuel Hose Maintenance Contracts

Why are Fuel Hose Maintenance and Calibration Important?

Without regular calibration and maintenance, bulk flow meters will drift out of accuracy, meaning customers could be getting more or less fuel than they pay for. That’s why calibration to national standards is a statutory requirement for fuel retailers under Fair Trading laws.

Service station operators must also have hydrostatic testing done on all pressure vessels including pipes, hoses and fittings, to meet national standards, avoid leaks and ensure fuel is flowing as it should.

Avoiding leaks and maintaining flow speeds make regular maintenance and annual calibrations on your hoses and dispensing systems essential to best practice fuel management for your business.

Slow flow or pumps out of action can lead to long queues in the forecourt, which can mean customers give up on waiting and go to a competitor, potentially losing you their business not just once but on a repeat basis.

Fuel hose maintenance is also an important aspect of environmental safety, minimising the risk of splits and leaks that can cause forecourt spills that represent a potential safety hazard and require sometimes expensive clean-up.

How Do Fuel Line Maintenance and Calibration Save My Business Money?

Just a small meter drift can cost a metropolitan service station pumping high volumes of fuel tens of thousands of litres each year. For example, if your service station dispenses one million litres a month from five fuel bowsers – many major metropolitan operators do – a 0.1 per cent improvement in accuracy equates to about 10,000 litres a year in fuel saved – a significant difference to your bottom line.

Making sure you meet environmental requirements and avoid forecourt spills and stormwater pollution caused by leaks and faults can also save you not only clean-up fees, but fines of more than $1 million in some cases.

Without regular calibration and maintenance, bulk flow meters will drift out of accuracy, meaning customers could be getting more or less fuel than they pay for.

What’s Different About Marine Fuel Hoses?

The marine environment can be tough on fuel systems, and failures in this environment can be particularly costly for your business. Leaks or fuel contamination can have serious consequences at sea and in port.

Harsher marine environments with salt water and plenty of movement can lead to rapid deterioration of fuel hoses and other components, including seals. Shipping companies complying with industry best practice test their bunkered fuel to ensure its quality before using it in their engines. In the same way, there’s no point testing the quality of your fuel if the systems that deliver it are faulty or contaminated. It’s good practice to have your marine fuel hoses, fuel storage and refuelling systems tested every 6 months.

Nqpetro provides a full testing and maintenance service for fuel hoses and fuel storage and management systems at marinas and fuel docks, including all components used in fuel bunkering.

Aviation Fuel Hose Maintenance

When it comes to the aviation industry, keeping fuel hoses and systems safe, well-maintained and compliant is critical to safety. Whether you operate a private airstrip or a regional airport, nqpetro can provide scheduled aviation hose testing and maintenance, replacement and repairs to keep your systems safe and functioning at optimal performance levels.

Nqpetro’s 24-hour Hose Repair, Maintenance and Calibration Services

Nqpetro offers a complete maintenance and calibration service for retail, commercial and industrial fuel distribution systems, including for the marine and aviation industries. You can call us 24 hours a day because we know how important it is to minimise disruption to your business and help you keep your customers satisfied.

Our technicians are experienced with a full range of fuel distribution and refuelling equipment and know what the legislative requirements are for your business and in your area.

Our services include:

  • Aviation refuelling equipment installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Marine hose maintenance and repairs
  • Fuel hose and line maintenance and repairs
  • Fuel hose maintenance and fittings for tankers
  • Flowmeter repairs, calibration and certification
  • Code 1000 hose compliance testing and supply
  • Supply and install fuel management systems
  • Nozzle, swivel and hose repairs and replacements
  • Fuel pumps and bulk pumps supplies, maintenance and repairs

Contact the experts at Nqpetro for more information on fuel hose maintenance contracts.