AT Nqpetro, we know how diverse Australia’s fuel retailing industry is, and how tight profit margins are.

We also know the pressure being placed on operators by a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Our technicians and industry experts are experienced in providing tailor-made fuel storage,  maintenance and handling solutions  for all fuel retailers, whether you’re a rural general store or a high turnover metropolitan hub.

Staying On Top of Fuel Retailing Rules & Legislation

When you’re a fuel retailer, maintaining your customers means maintaining your fuel quality. If you’re underground fuel tanks are ageing, you’re not only risking fuel loss and environmental clean-up costs, but you’re risking contamination from water and micro-organisms. What’s more, it can take as little as a few  months for new tanks to be affected by rust and sludge if fuel is not checked regularly and tanks properly maintained.

NQpetro provides a complete tank testing and assessment service. If you’re looking to upgrade your storage in preparation for the new biofuels mandates, we offer a complete testing and cleaning service. If your tank is in bad shape our decommissioning and replacement service will get the job done while minimising downtime and disruption to your forecourt.

We can supply and install new dual-walled underground tanks, lines, pumps and dispensing equipment designed in line with Australian standards and built to stand the test of time.

We also offer a complete range of high volume above-ground self-bunded tanks for sale or hire  that comply with all Australian standards and offer an easy-to-maintain and portable fuel storage solution.

Having your tanks checked and maintained regularly, and being proactive about upgrading older gear,  could save you emergency work that can sometimes cost over $1 million.

Why Do I Need To Have My Fuel Pumps and Lines Calibrated?

Nqpetro provides a complete maintenance service for fuel retailers that includes pump and line calibration in keeping with Fair Trading requirements.

Poor calibration that leads to under or oversupplying each customer by just a few ml can cost you heavily in fines or in lost product.

Having equipment properly calibrated keeps your customers happy and makes for simpler and more accurate record-keeping so you can better monitor fuel movement and pick up any potential problems, including leaks and theft.

Our technicians and industry experts are experienced in providing tailor-made fuel storage,  maintenance and handling solutions  for all fuel retailers.

What is Vapour Recovery and Do I Need It?

Vapour recovery is the process of recovering fuel vapours so they don’t escape intro the atmosphere.

Stage 1 vapour recovery is widely practised, and involves capturing vapours displaced from storage tanks when tankers deliver fuel to your service station.

Stage 2 vapour recovery captures displaced vapours at the petrol dispenser when the motorist refuels.

Nqpetro supplies and installs stage 1 and 2 vapour recovery systems, both as retrofits or as part of new builds.

Our complete service for fuel retailers also includes forecourt maintenance, from bowsers to spills management systems, to ensure your operation complies with all relevant legislation.

24-Hour Fuel Retailing Service Package That Gets You Back On Track Quickly

There’s nothing like a long queue in the forecourt to send your customers to the opposition.

At NQpetro, in addition to providing preventative maintenance that will minimise equipment breakdowns and disruption, we provide 24-hour support so that if a problem does occur, you can rely on us to get you up and running as soon as possible.

We provide 24-hour service and repairs for:

  • Fuel pumps
  • Bulk pumps
  • Fuel management systems
  • Consoles
  • ATG units
  • Air Tech units
  • Vehicle hoists
  • Carwashes
  • Lubrication equipment