If you’re in the mining and resources sector, fuel is one of your biggest overheads.

Getting the right combination of fuel storage and distribution options can help you dramatically reduce consumption by changing how and where your vehicles refuel.

With downtime for machine maintenance in the mining sector costing as much as $550,000 per vehicle per year, keeping your fuel fresh makes sense for your vehicles and for your bottom line.

How Can The Right Fuel Storage Tanks Save Me Money?

Talking to the experts at Nqpetro about your fuel storage needs can save you time and money. We know the mining industry, and our technicians can design the right fuel storage solutions to suit your needs, while avoiding common pitfalls and ensuring you operate in full compliance with Australian environmental and safety standards.

Examples of this include:

  • Refuelling depots
  • Tank Farms
  • Lubrication and Oil storage and recycling facilites
  • Remote fuel management solutions

We also utilise modern fuel storage options like above ground self-bunded tanks. They can save you money in the long-term by:

  • Avoiding the need for construction work to build bunds around tank farms, and the associated valve maintenance and drainage issues to ensure contaminated rainwater doesn’t escape into the water table. With self-bunded tanks the dual wall protects the environment against leaks, protects you against fuel loss and saves on excavation and construction work.
  • Giving you flexibility. Our tanks are relocatable, meaning there’s no need to do expensive decommissioning and removal work when you want to relocate your refuelling sites. What’s more, this added flexibility means you can minimise fuel use by changing the gradients and distances your haulage vehicles need to travel, depending on changing operational needs.
  • Keeping your fuel fresh. Old or poorly maintained tanks can be bad news for your diesel and lead to water and particulate contamination that can cause severe damage to tanks and engines, increase consumption, reduce efficiency and cost you tens of thousands in downtime and repairs.

Monitoring Fuel Use and Maintaining Mining Fuel Facilities

Nqpetro provides a complete installation, maintenance and in house fuel metering calibration service for mining and industrial operations across Australia.

We know that the mining and resources sector is a time critical environment, and one where keeping your equipment well-maintained and properly calibrated and monitoring fuel use can save you huge amounts. The sector is also known for their BIG FUEL FARM STORAGE facilities which also means BIG FLOW RATES thru their metering equipment.  Nqpetro have a vast range of equipment to service these range of flow meters.  From 5ltrs per minute thru to 2000ltrs per minute.

One of your biggest expenses is fuel. Keeping your fuel fresh makes sense for your vehicles and for your bottom line.

Our regular maintenance service helps keep tanks, caps, seals and spill boxes maintained to stop debris entering underground or above ground fuel storage tanks. Nqpetro’s experts can also advise you on the best fuel management systems to help you monitor tank levels and track consumption down to each individual machine. This means you can spot potential issues early, before critical failures lead to a loss in production capacity. Not only that, but keeping your fuel transfer systems well maintained can save time on refuelling, minimising vehicle downtime.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Fuel To Claim Fuel Tax Credits?

Losing fuel through leaks or theft can be a double blow in the resources sector. Keeping tight control over your fuel use is not only in your interests for safety and environmental reasons, but helps make claiming fuel tax credits easy.

Our team has the mining industry expertise to design fuel management systems that help you keep track of every drop and minimise the complexity of the claims process.