Nqpetro run a Certified SLP and Fuel Tanker Testing Facility – It is an accredited inspection location under the Safe Load Program (SLP), Australia’s primary inspection regime for bulk road fuel tankers and hoses.

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Fuel Tankers and hoses should be fully tested every 6 months in line with industry best practice.

Why is Fuel Tanker Maintenance Part of the Safe Load Program (SLP)?

The SLP and the associated Pass-2-Load Scheme apply to all tankers that load fuel products and gantries at facilities operated by the major oil companies and ensures all fuel hoses and equipment are fully tested and maintained every six months in line with industry best practice. Ensuring fuel hoses are regularly checked and maintained ensures the safest possible entry, loading and exit at fuel loading facilities.

A Pass-2-Load inspection is required for all road tankers that deliver bulk petroleum including prime movers, rigid tankers, tanker trailers, road trail dollies and trailers which are used to transport bulk petroleum in demountable tanks. Companies without a Safe Load pass cannot gain access to participating terminals.

Where Do I Get A Pass-2-Load inspection?

Nqpetro’s fully qualified tradespeople carry out inspections in our modern, clean and well-equipped workshop, ensuring we get your assessment and any repairs done promptly and efficiently, minimising your downtime and getting your vehicles back on the road quickly.

We’ll ensure your fuel tanker and hoses are up to date and fully compliant with Australian and industry standards, including completing hydrostatic barrel testing, hatch and vent testing required under Australian legislation.

Our team offers a complete fuel hose maintenance and testing service as well as road tanker repairs, from a simple crack to a complete barrel, pipework, pump, hose reel and metering system changeover.

We can diagnose and repair issues with all pneumatic and electronic control systems including overfill protection, brake interlock, ABS and all loading systems.

Our range of competencies in the road tanker maintenance field include a:

  • Safe to Load Pass fuel hose and tanker inspections
  • Tanker repairs
  • Code hose assemblies and testing
  • Camlocks – all types
  • Pipework modifications
  • Supply and install pumps, hose reels and meters
  • Meter calibrations
  • Hydrostatic barrel testing (required under legislation)
  • Hatch and vent testing (required under legislation)
  • Working from height safety systems
  • Complete barrel and associated equipment changeovers

Nqpetro provides a full testing and maintenance service for fuel tankers servicing different industries.

Nqpetro has the expertise and industry experience to help you keep your aviation fuel tankers and refuelling systems well-maintained, safe and compliant.

Drive-in Drive-Out Fuel Tanker Testing Facility

Nqpetro’s purpose-built Drive-In and Drive-Out tanker maintenance workshop is purpose built to service our fleet operators.

We know time is critical, which is why our new facility makes it easy for fuel distributors and their drivers to get their inspection completed in minimal time, and get back on the road.

Aviation Fuel Tankers

Nqpetro has the expertise and industry experience to help you keep your aviation fuel tankers and refuelling systems well-maintained, safe and compliant. We can carry out scheduled testing and maintenance, hose pressure testing, filter element change out and inspections, pressure relief valve testing, meter calibration, tank cleaning and more.

While our preventative maintenance services minimise the risk of failure, our national regional network of technicians means if there is a problem, you can call us 24/7 and we’ll be on hand to fix it quickly, minimising downtime for your business.

We offer emergency maintenance, replacements and repairs from technicians who know your equipment and have the years of experience needed and the familiarity with your business to quickly find the problem and solve it.

At Nqpetro, we provide responsible management services with a focus on enhancing health and safety, minimising environmental impact and ensuring fuel security and effective management practices.

When you have nqpetro on the job, you don’t need to worry.

Contact us to find out more about our road and aviation fuel tanker maintenance solutions.