Nqpetro are the experts in underground and above ground fuel tank installation, inspection and maintenance nationwide, and in the installation of fuel management and monitoring systems to help your business achieve best practice fuel management.

Underground fuel storage tanks and underground petroleum storage systems

Underground fuel storage tanks and underground petroleum storage systems remain a practical solution for many commercial and industrial applications looking to store large volumes of fuel in a safe and stable environment, particularly where space is at a premium (for example at service stations).

Nqpetro’s experienced technicians and engineers install underground and above ground tanks and fuel systems for commercial and industrial applications across Australia and have experience with all tank sizes and environmental conditions.

What is a UPSS?

A UPSS is any underground petroleum storage system. They are commonly used for storing large volumes of fuel, particularly where space is at a premium – for example in the retail fuel market. Advantages include efficient use of space, particularly in urban areas where maximising usable forecourt space is critical, and better temperature control, meaning reduced fuel loss through evaporation.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace/Install a UPSS?

Replacing an underground fuel storage tank is a major job which usually involves excavation, draining and decommissioning the old tank and pipework and installing and testing the new tank and lines. A new installation can cost less because tank decommissioning is not required.

The cost can range from the tens of thousands up to $1 million plus. There is no one price suits all and is very much determined by existing and proposed site conditions, the specification of the build and whether environmental remediation work is needed. However getting your installation right the first time can save you tens of thousands of dollars down the track, whether in tank replacement costs, environmental remediation, loss of business hours or resale value for your site.

That’s why when you’re storing and turning over major quantities of fuel, the details count – getting the right equipment and ensuring you have a fuel storage and management system tailored for your situation.

Under Australian regulations, it is against the law to allow or ignore contamination resulting from a leaking or faulty UPSS.

What Are The Environmental Requirements for UPSS?

Under Australian regulations, it is against the law to allow or ignore contamination resulting from a leaking or faulty UPSS.  The person responsible for a UPSS (usually the owner/operator) is required to have in place:

  • a system for detecting and monitoring leaks
  • groundwater monitoring wells at sensitive locations and a program to test them
  • an Environmental Protection Plan for the facility
  • systems in place for record keeping, reporting of leaks and notifying the local council when a UPSS is decommissioned

Nqpetro’s experienced team will put the systems in place to ensure your underground fuel storage is compliant from the start.

Nqpetro’s Underground Fuel Tank Installation Team

Leaks in your tank or lines down the track, or faulty seals or joins can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix, not to mention the costs of environmental remediation and possible penalties. That’s why Nqpetro uses professionals with experience who know what’s at stake and ensure full compliance and a seamlessly professional job. Our technicians have seen every possible installation problem and know how to solve it proactively.

We’ll handle your underground tank installation from start to finish, from initial scope of work planning and approvals to preparing the site. We’ll look after:

  • Excavation and sheet piling to reinforce the construction and ensure stability
  • Dewatering
  • Tank and line installation and pre-bury and post-bury testing
  • Concreting, and Bowser installation.

We ‘ll also provide a complete follow-up underground fuel tank inspection and maintenance service, keeping your tank and your fuel in top condition, which means better fuel economy, reduced vehicle maintenance and if you’re a retailer, happy customers.

What’s more, we’ll do it all with the least possible disruption to your operations, minimising downtime so your business and your new fuel system are fully operational as soon as possible to reduce the impact on your bottom line.