Nqpetro are experts in underground fuel tank and pipework installations.  From underground up, we will ensure your fuel management and monitoring systems are safe, practical and overall improve your business.

Underground and above ground fuel tank installation

Underground fuel storage tanks remain a practical solution for many commercial and industrial applications looking to store large volumes of fuel in a safe and stable environment, particularly where space is at a premium (for example at service stations).

Nqpetro’s experienced technicians and engineers install underground and above ground tanks and fuel systems for retail, commercial and industrial applications across Australia and have experience with all tank sizes and environmental conditions.

We know when you’re storing and turning over major quantities of fuel, the details count – getting your installation right and ensuring you have a fuel storage and management system tailored for your situation can save you serious time and money down the track.

Underground Fuel Storage Tanks Regulations

With environmental regulations growing ever stricter and many older underground steel tanks in danger of failing after decades in use, the experts at Nqpetro will guide you through the underground tank installation process from start to finish. We’ll ensure your tank and pipe systems comply with all local environmental regulations and Australian Standards.

Getting your tank installation right from the start means saving you from problems like environmental contamination, fuel spoilage and corrosion due to excessive water in your fuel, causing potentially serious damage to equipment. Leaks in your tank or lines down the track, or faulty seals or joins can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix, not to mention the costs of environmental remediation and possible penalties.

That’s why Nqpetro uses professionals with experience who know what’s at stake and ensure full compliance and a seamlessly professional job. Our technicians have seen every possible installation problem and know how to solve it proactively.

We’ll handle your underground tank installation from start to finish, from initial scope of work planning and approvals to preparing the site.

We’ll handle your underground tank installation from start to finish, from initial scope of work planning and approvals to preparing the site. We’ll look after:

  • Excavation and sheet piling to reinforce the construction and ensure stability
  • Dewatering
  • Tank and line installation and pre-bury and post-bury testing
  • Concreting, and
  • Bowser installation

We ‘ll also provide a complete follow-up underground fuel tank inspection and maintenance service, keeping your tank and your fuel in top condition, which means better fuel economy, reduced vehicle maintenance and if you’re a retailer, happy customers.

What’s more, we’ll do it all with minimum disruption to your operations, minimising downtime so your business and your new fuel system are fully operational as soon as possible to reduce the impact on your bottom line.

Contact the experts at Nqpetro for more information on underground fuel tank installations.