Workplace health and safety

Fuel handling is a risky business subject to strict workplace health and safety regulations, and that’s why Nqpetro are experts in workplace health and safety. We have implemented strict safety protocols across all operations and are at the forefront of innovation in petroleum distribution, helping our clients around Australia conduct their business in a safe and economical manner.

We build to the highest safety and quality standards for the petrochemical, infrastructure, mining, civil and construction industries. Our technicians receive ongoing training that ensures we have the up-to-date knowledge and experience to keep your fuel storage and distribution systems maintained and fully compliant with Australian Standards and WHS requirements.

Industrial Workplace Health and Safety for Fuel Storage

Whether your business is an airport, a mine site or a major wharf, the team at Nqpetro have the WHS expertise to ensure your installation or maintenance job goes off without a hitch, and your fuel storage and distribution systems are safe for the user and the environment. Safe access for refuelling is a serious issue, and it’s important to have systems in place to ensure your product is transferred with minimum risk.

Simple solutions can include devices like fuel loading arms that improve flow rate while also minimising slip and trip hazards and manual handling of the heavy hose and coupling. The nozzles, caps and receivers you use can also be an important part of your site safety planning and can be chosen to minimise the risk of splashing, spills or premature shut-off that can cause injury to refuelling operators during high speed transfers. Our fuel storage tanks are designed to provide safe access for refuelling and performing regular checks and maintenance tasks.

Accredited Safe Load Program for Repairs, Maintenance & Compliance

Our in-house experts are fully accredited to deliver services and testing under national safety programs including the Safe Load Pass program for bulk fuel delivery vehicles. This program incorporates a mandatory tanker maintenance regime to ensure vehicles carrying fuel for major suppliers meet optimum safety standards. We supply a wide range of testing and certification services to keep your road tanker conforming to Australian and Industry Standards.

Fuel handling is a risky business subject to strict workplace health and safety regulations, and that’s why nqpetro are experts in workplace health and safety.

Fuel retailers and WHS and Accreditations

WHS Accreditation for Fuel Retailers

If you’re a fuel retailer you’ll need a comprehensive WHS strategy that includes forecourt maintenance (including impact protection, spills contamination and protection for underground tanks and pipework), fill and dip point containment, proper venting and safe practices and equipment for tanker filling operations.

To ensure day to day safe operations are in check Nqpetro are affiliated with National Safety Accreditation Companies such as ISNetworld and IproLive.  This enables self management of all WHS procedures and protocols not only for Nqpetro but all of our contractors as well.

There are also specific WHS requirements around the decommissioning and removal of underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) that are not in use.

If an underground tank used to store flammable liquids is out of use for a set period (two years in Queensland) it will be considered abandoned and must be either removed or made safe. Nqpetro offers a complete tank decommissioning service, including removing and disposing of the tank as per Australian Standards, or where this can’t be done without risk to adjoining structures, draining and stabilising the tank by filling it with inert foam and isolating pipework and vents.

Ask us about our fuel retailing maintenance and compliance services.