5 Things in our latest Petrol Station Designs that Just Make Sense

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Nqpetro are experts at delivering modern petrol stations that incorporate the latest and greatest in functional design and technology. Here are 5 things that we have incorporated into our latest petrol station designs that just make sense.

1. Pay at the Pump

Whether customers are travelling with precious cargo in the car, are in a hurry, or are just observing the latest social distancing protocols; our Pay at the Pump system means less face to face contact – customers don’t even have to leave your car to complete your transaction. Convenience is a major deciding factor for customers when choosing a service outlet. Leave competitors in the dust by offering a seamless purchasing experience.

2. Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient is not only good for the environment, it is also good for the bottom line of your business. We help you save money on your power bills and keep your petrol station powered by incorporating solar panels on the forecourt roof. Our designs ensure the best possible performance from all aspects of your business infrastructure, from the pumps to the power.

3. Multi-Product Dispensers

Serve more customers, more often by having multiple products available at the one pump. Prevent line ups and keep traffic flowing smoothly by having your most popular petrol products available at more pumps, increasing your business without increasing the petrol station’s overall footprint or infrastructure.

4. ATG – Automatic Tank Gauging

Safety first! ATG means that petrol station console operators do not need to go onto the forecourt to dip the tanks. Gauging can be done from the safety of their computer, behind the store counter. Logistics teams can also dial up and view the fuel tank levels remotely, meaning they can more easily, effectively and proactively order your station’s next refill.

5. Business Hubs

Modern petrol stations are so much more than just a place to hurriedly fill up your car on the way home from work. Turn your station into a business hub by providing a complete business hub experience. Partner with favourite and local convenience stores, fast food stores, coffee hubs and auto mechanics to become a one stop shop for your customers.

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