1-Minute Read: Meet Our People

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We’re so lucky at Nqpetro to work with a friendly, down to earth team that feels more like a family sometimes than workmates.

One of our favourite legends on the team is Murray – or Muzz to his mates. Muzz has been with Nqpetro since the first day of operations back on the first of April, 2004. He is one our most experienced technicians with a wealth of experience and stories to tell.

You might know Murray as one of our vital “Roll Over Emergency Response Personnel”. That means he gets called out when there is a truck roll over. Muzz is trained on the procedures and processes in how to respond to these dangerous situations. When he’s not saving the day from truck rollover disasters, Murray also looks after our remote customers. He’s a familiar face and trusted voice around our remote communities, so if you see him out and about, say g’day.

If you ever need Muzz or any of the other legends on the Nqpetro team, we’re available for you 24-7, Australia-wide.

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