Cyclone Ready – Power Through

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The great Australian summer is notorious for wreaking havoc for homes, businesses and everyone in between. With Cyclone Season right around the corner, there is no better time to start preparing and put yourself in the best position to survive even the harshest storms.

Australia experiences, on average, 13 tropical cyclones per season plus almost twice as many tropical lows and severe storms. The damage amounting from these storms can reach costs of up to $6 million per annum, with one of the hardest hit resources being power supply.

Nqpetro is a locally owned and operated business who supplies back-up fuel tanks and auxiliary storage units to ensure that your generators are well stocked with fuel to keep operations running smoothly in the event of power-loss.

We have a range of storage tanks that sit on the ground and can hold between 1000 & 100,000 litres of fuel that can be piped into a generator. If you or your customers are experiencing long-term power outages during a cyclone or bad weather event, you can fill up your tank and keep your generator going.

We have tanks that have up to 10 days of storage to help people get through times without power. Plus we offer a range of sizes and styles for relocatable fuel tanks, which are ideal for construction, civil and mining applications as well as all businesses and services that use generators.

Best of all, businesses have the option to hire a tank or buy one from us should you want to have that extra storage whenever you need it – all year around. Never be caught out again and keep your customers fueled up and cyclone-ready with support from Nqpetro.

Power outages during cyclones and severe storms can be bad for business, but they don’t have to be. Thanks to Nqpetro our local, state and national Aussie businesses, industrial sites, retail outlets and essential service facilities can have power throughout the harsh weather.
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