Top 7 Benefits of a Fuel Maintenance Contract

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1. Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance programs include rigorous testing, calibration and tank and line maintenance completed according to highest industry standards and best practice.

Tough working conditions plus regular wear and tear can all cause your fuel bowsers and fuel hoses to drift out of accuracy; or worse, could result in major system malfunctions that could end up costing millions of dollars in damage and repair.

Preventative maintenance services minimise the risk of failure and saves your business money by preventing fuel loss either through damage or through poor calibration (giving your customers more than they pay for!). This is particularly important if you need to keep track of fuel use for claiming fuel tax credits.

2. Detects Potential Problems Early

A fuel maintenance contract with Nqpetro prevents potential problems with your system from escalating to catastrophic levels. If addressed early, problems can often be fixed in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Maintenance is also an important aspect of securing your system’s environmental safety. Ongoing, reliable, and comprehensive maintenance on your Fuel Bowsers and Fuel Hoses minimises the risk of slits, spills and leaks that can cause forecourt spills, safety hazards, expensive clean-ups and potential fines.

3. Keeps Systems Running at Peak Performance

Regular maintenance and annual calibrations on your hoses and dispensing systems are essential to maintaining best practice fuel management and to delivering peak performance for both you and your customers.

Regular maintenance through a fuel maintenance contract also ensures that your fuel hoses always deliver the correct flow rate and your pumps are working to full capacity. Stay on top of the competition and give your customers the seamless and professional refuelling experience they deserve.

4. Emergency Support / 24 hr Callout Service when you Need It

We know how important your business is to you, which is why our national regional network of technicians are there to take care of your business when you need us the most.

It is impossible to predict the future and despite the most well-intentioned maintenance plan issues can always pop up unexpectedly. Our fast-acting and responsive team will be on standby to minimise any disruptions to your business between services.

Our services include:

  • Aviation refuelling equipment installation, maintenance, and repairs
  • Marine hose maintenance and repairs
  • Fuel hose maintenance and repairs
  • Fuel hose maintenance and fittings for tankers
  • Flowmeter repairs, calibration, and certification
  • Code 1000 hose compliance testing and supply
  • Supply and install fuel management systems
  • Nozzle, swivel and hose repairs and replacements
  • Fuel pumps and bulk pump supplies, maintenance, and repairs

5. Expert Technicians at your Disposal

The Nqpetro Team has years of experience, a passion for the industry and familiarity with your business meaning we can efficiently complete maintenance works, quickly identify issues, and provide effective resolutions to any problems that surface between services.

Maintenance is also the perfect time to consider upgrades, enhancements or new technologies that could be integrated into your system. Our expert technicians are knowledge leaders in the fuel management industry and up to date with the latest trends and innovations. When combined with the experience we have with your business, we can provide the best advice for your business.

We provide responsible management services with a focus on enhancing the health, safety, and sustainability of your most important fuel infrastructure and assets. With a Nqpetro fuel maintenance contract, your business is always in expert hands.

6. Have all your Service History in One Place

Australian government auditing regulations and industry compliance obligations require that you keep thorough and accurate records of your fuel services and maintenance works.

Having a system in place to detect leaks and monitor environmental impacts of your fuel system, however this is only one piece of the puzzle. It is equally important that you have a comprehensive and well-recorded history of your efforts to ensure that your system is maintained to the highest health and safety standards.

Rest easy knowing that all your important, historical service information is safe and secure in one place and can be easily accessed to meet reporting or auditing requests at any time. You can also be assured that the service history information collected contains everything you need to meet your specific compliance needs.

7. Focus on other things and leave Maintenance to the Pros

You have more important things to do with your time than worry about maintaining your fuel infrastructure. It can be challenging to remember and coordinate regular maintenance when juggling a busy schedule, or when a pandemic knocks your routine out of order.

Let us do the busy work, give you peace of mind and use our expertise to create the best results for your business.

If you need a hand managing and maintaining your fuel assets and infrastructure, talk to the team at Nqpetro. We’re experienced specialists in all aspects of the fuel maintenance process, and available when you need us Australia-wide.

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